Paul H. Muller – Sunbreak

Sunbreak is the latest release by Californian ambient/drone artist Paul H.Muller. Playing lovely soft drones, Sunbreak envelopes the listener in beautiful soundscapes. With each track taking on a different atmosphere, whether the warm brightness of opener December Sunrise, or the pensive, cold melancholy of Drone in A for Bass, Paul H.Muller successfully weaves soft, dreamy soundscapes, with oscillating tones evolving ever so slowly and gently that it’s really easy to drift off into the music. Creating drones with different instruments, from oboe, bass and synths, it’s a good, varied effort, and over an hour length it’s slow dreamy nature never gets dull, and remains constantly vibrant and peaceful. One drawback comes on the tracks Tone Three and Tone Four, where among the nice drones there’s some horrid jarring noises that sound like they come from a nineties computer, and it nearly ruins it. Other than that it’s a good album, filled with smooth, cathartic ambience. A true drone album by a drone fan for drone fans, give this one a listen.



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