James Ross – Adrift

James Ross is an American guitarist and composer, and Adrift is a three track ambient release, with digital effects, guitars and loops.

Opening piece Adrift is my favourite piece here. With three unsynchronized loops, James Ross weaves a slowly evolving, quiet wall of melodic ambience. Really soft textures and effects ebb and flow throughout the piece, lovely and relaxed. He himself describes the release as “music for drifting”, and that’s just what this piece is, a slow, soft blanket of calm sound to drift away too, tranquil and lovely. If you’re worn out on Eno’s Discreet Music then you can definitely do worse than this piece for some lovely calming ambient loops.

Second piece Cold Stars is a much sparser affair. With a looped guitar with an octave pedal, this track is much sharper sounding, sparser and if anything melancholic in sound. Not as lovely as Adrift, and rather short, it’s a nice interlude, but it’s a bit sparse and could’ve been fleshed out a bit more. Final piece Object sits somewhere between the two former tracks, and is longer than both combined. A soft and calming blanket of ambience like the first track, but at the same time flowing slightly with the melancholy of the second, it’s another really nice track to close your eyes and float way with. It’s a nice release all in all, with Adrift sounding like a great track to drift off to, with the other two being more reflective pieces.

Adrift - James Ross cover art

Listen to the album at bandcamp below:


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