Mayhem release new track ‘VI.Sec’

After the release of the track Psywar, black metal legends Mayhem have released another song ahead of their new album Esoteric Warfare, entitled ‘VI.Sec’, and you can stream it here

Much more impressive than Psywar, this is a beast of a track. Atilla is at his absolute best here, with some twisted, inhuman shrieks in the dark and atmospheric intro, before letting loose with some brutal growling, before delving into his trademark snarl he’s know for from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, his performance is staggering in it’s range and evil sound. There’s tremendous drumming from Hellhammer in the style of the last album Ordo ad Chao, equal parts pummeling and inventive – he’s one of the best extreme metal drummers, and shows why yet again. Building up from a really slow and brooding atmosphere with a huge sense of dread, Mayhem let the song build into a twisted snarling monster of a track, with some really unique guitar riffs and an all around caustic atmosphere. It seems like Esoteric Warfare will be the follow up we’ve been wanting for so long, as this is so damned impressive.


Esoteric Warfare will be released through Seasons of Mist on May 23rd 2014



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