CAGE Grind Noir – Pilots

You know you’re in for a treat when a record label named Rip Roaring Shit Storm sends you an album that they describe as “The sound of Nicolas Cage LOSING HIS FUCKING SHIT!” Giving further proof that the internet is unfathomably obsessed with Nicolas Cage, CAGE Grind Noir play grindcore with songs based around his films. You know with a premise like this it’s going to be hilarious, but it’s also a solid grind album.

Every song is named for one of Nicolas Cage’s films, and some of the more hilarious samples (World Trade Center especially) from each of the films serve as an intro, and intermittently in the middle of the songs, they fit really well with the music, which is also  really good. Throughout there’s punky grinding riffs with a real fun groove to them, but also on some tracks some softer melodic playing, especially on Knowing and 8MM. Fire Birds has a really great hardcore edged tone to it, a track that’s actually quite atmospheric, and there’s some great lead guitar throughout, especially on Trapped In Paradise.  The drums are great throughout the album, blasting away in true grinding freneticism at points, but on slower tracks like the aforementioned Fire Birds there’s really great rhythm to the playing, and it’s the same throughout the album, the drumming is great, the guy’s got a lot of creative playing. The star of the show is definitely the vocals though, the screams are just insane which adds to the frenetic grinding madness. From what lyrics I can understand he’s screaming lines from Cage’s films, and it’s really funny, it does indeed sound like “Nicolas Cage LOSING HIS FUCKING SHIT” as they put it.

It’s a hilarious album all told, but as well as being a fun band with an obvious gimmick, there’s some really good music here too. It’s definitely one of the more interesting albums I’ve been sent, so anyone who likes grindcore, has a sense of humour,or both should give it a listen over at bandcamp:



CAGE Grind Noir on Facebook


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