Výnterache – Recollections

Recollections is the debut EP from one man black metal band Výnterache, though falling into the more ambient end of the spectrum. It’s an enjoyable debut release from the UK based musician, with a good sense of atmosphere.

Recollections is a rather minimalist affair, with layers of guitar creating really nice hypnotic soundscapes. With slowy echoing synth melodies combining with fuzzy tremolo picked riffs in a lovely shoegazey manner, Výnterache weave soft repetitive melancholic melodies, which sound very hypnotic and relaxing, it’s nice music to shut your eyes and drift off to. With some soft drumming and mournful black metal rasps quite low in the mix, it adds another dimension to the sound, which is very complete, creating a lovely wall of sound. With some excellent pacing between softer synth-based relaxed parts, and the louder more black metal influenced guitar-centric sections, there’s a really nice ebb and flow to the EP. The track Constant has some great moments, the heaviest one of the lot, with much more emphatic vocals, with some rather intense screams louder in the mix, jarring you out of the reverie the music creates in a great manner, it’s pretty impressive. The EP has a rather murky production but this is all for the benefit of Recollections, because with the music being so atmospheric, this production helps breathe a little more life into the hypnotic sounds, and with your eyes shut, it helps to conjure up images of rolling fog. It would however be nicer if there were more of the black metally walls of noise longside the slower sections though, as in parts they’re a bit short, and if they were a little longer it would flesh out the hypnotic elements of the music here a little better, but the more ambient sections are the right length. In fact the release feels too short in general, at just under 25 minutes in length. Drawn out a little longer, a full length from Výnterache might be a special album.

In short, it’s a really nice EP from Výnterache, atmospheric, mournful and hypnotic.

Recollections can be streamed at bandcamp, and is available as a name your price download.

Like Výnterache on facebook, and help support some nice forward thinking British black metal/ambient.



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