Insect Warfare – World Extermination

Insect Warfare were a shortlived American grindcore band, who in 2007 released their first, and only album World Extermination. Although it proved to be the band’s only full length release, it turned out to be one of the most intense, brutal recordings in grindcore history, and one of my all time favourites.

Sure, the album follows the usual old school grind formula, with short songs, 20 in 22 minutes, and excessive blast beats, screams and riffage, but Insect Warfare take the old school sound to the absolute extreme, and beyond. The album is an unrelenting assault which doesn’t let up for a second. Beau Beasley’s guitar playing is impeccable on this release, delivering riff after riff with intense brutality, from fast, pounding barrages, to slower absolutely crushing groove laden breakdowns, and each is as heavy as it gets. But all the riffs on this album are catchy as anything, they get stuck in your head for days, and that’s what separates his playing from most. A lot of grindcore riffs are intense, but rarely so catchy as this, and that’s what makes it so good. This guitar work is also backed up by some of the fastest, most unrelenting blastbeats in grind, the double bass pounds like no one else, and the musicians have some of the tightest playing around. There’s no sloppy but endearing playing here, the bands attack is surgical, precise and strategic. They simply create a massively intense sound, and their instrumentation pummels your ears into submission like no one else. And the vocalist Rahi is the perfect addition to the carnage, switching between a horrendously brutal bark and intense shrieks with apparent ease, his performance is just beyond savage. As a whole the album is just blisteringly intense, listen to it loudly and it really feels like the sound is peeling the skin from your face straight to the bone, this is NOT easily listening by any stretch of the imagination!

It’s a real shame that the band never made another full length, but maybe it’s better this way, they have nothing to tarnish their legacy. Highlights of the album for me are: Enslaved by Machinery, Human Trafficking, Mind Ripper, Hydrophobia, but in all honestly it’s perfect from start to finish, and there’s no other grindcore album that matches the pure intensity of World Extermination. 

Listen to Mind Ripper




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