New Agalloch track – Celestial Effigy

Agalloch will release their new album, The Serpent & The Sphere on May 19, and ahead of this the folk metal four piece have released a new track called Celestial Effigy, which can be streamed via pitchfork here. A somewhat laid back folky affair, it’s a nice melodic track of seven minutes in length. With whispered vocals, and upbeat melodic guitar work, it’s all very clean and nice sounding, and when growls come in it’s a lot more interesting. With some blasting drumming, twangy bass and melodic soaring guitar work it’s a decent enough track, but maybe a bit overlong at 7 minutes. It could perhaps with either being heavier, or more focused on atmosphere, as it’s a little underwhelming and almost dull, but again, it’s decent.


Profound Lore will release “The Serpent & the Sphere” on May 13, followed by a European released by Eisenwald on May 19.

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