Triptykon announce new album “Melana Chasmata” and release two new songs.

Monolithically heavy doom metal band Triptykon rose out from the ashes of Celtic Frost, with heavy metal legend Tom G Warrior on guitar and vocals, with V Santura of Dark Fortress providing lead guitars. They’re set to release their new album Melana Chasmata on April 15th, and have released two songs for streaming, entitled “Boleskine House” and “Breathing”

Boleskine House is crushingly heavy, with doomy riffs, black metal rapsy vocals, beautiful female cleans, and a real sense of atmosphere throughout, caustic and melancholic. Breathing is a different beast, equally crushing, but faster and more in your face, thrashy, filthy and purveying evil from every element of their twisted sound. From these two tracks it sounds like the new album will be excellent, bring it on!

Melana Chasmata tracklist:

01. Tree Of Suffocating Souls
02. Boleskine House
03. Altar Of Deceit
04. Breathing
05. Aurorae
06. Demon Pact
07. In The Sleep Of Death
08. Black Snow
09. Waiting


Melena Chasmata, will be released on April 15th on Century Media Records. Preorder here and like Triptykon on facebook.




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