Human Cull – Stillborn Nation

On the back of January’s EP release, The Persecuting Society, UK grinders Human Cull are back already, this time with a full length album, Stillborn Nation. It’s another devastating assault of classic oldschool grindcore to crush your head in. It’s a real relentless crusty assault on the ears, and shows why Human Cull are one of the best current Grindcore bands in the UK scene.

Human Cull don’t pull any punches and just blast straight into the album in full force from the word go, with a blastbeat fuelled assault, crushingly heavy riffs with an awesome crusty guitar tone, and Edd’s powerful roar, it’s clear from the very first track that this is going to be a behemoth of a grind album. With 23 tracks, most around the minute mark, with the exception of the closer, the five and half minute “Echoing Silence”, there are some definite stand outs, including the title track “Stillborn Nation” which starts with an excellent slower groovy riff, before blasting away into a relentless grinding behemoth, while “Entombed by Progress” is another crushing, groove laden assault, and the sludgy bass heavy intro to “Chemical Lobotomy” is another piece of awesome grinding mayhem, while “Obliterated” has one of the best riffs on the album, with some inhuman shrieks in addition to the mighty roar of vocalist Edd and “Anger Inferno” has an awesome solo to go with the pissed off punk vibe.

Final track “Echoing Silence” is a five and a half minute epic, with slow, downtuned crushing riffs and inventive drumming creating a sound so heavy it’s practically apocalyptic, with those devastating riffs conjuring images of a war to end all life on earth. It’s certainly one of the best pieces of music here, and even at a track length longer than some whole grind releases, it still leaves you wanting more once the kicking of your eardrums has ended.

It doesn’t really reinvent the wheel, (although Echoing Silence is pretty damn special) but Human Cull play this style of heavy, pissed off old school grindcore as well as anyone, and Stillborn Nation is their best release so far for sure, it’s filled with pure aggression and serves as a serious lesson in how to melt faces with violent grind. Fans of the old school grindcore sound will be banging their head furiously to this one for some time yet.

Stillborn Nation is now streaming in full over at Terrorizer, and can be pre-ordered in various formats here. Be sure to check Human Cull out over at facebook too.


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