Cloud Rat – Blind River

Misanthropic Grindcore band Cloud Rat have released a new compilation on their bandcamp page, bringing together tracks from 2014’s split 7″ with Orgullo Primitivo and their split LP with Republic of Dreams, this compilation making the material here available digitally for the first time. It’s another devastating sonic assault from one of the best current grindcore artists, with their usual relentless heaviness, emotional delivery, and experimental edge.

The first four tracks come from the split with Orgullo Primitivo, and they absolutely rip.  Madison’s voice is at her furious best, her performance is nothing short of perfect throughout the release, spitting vitriol and venom with the all-too real, disturbing and distressing lyrics that Cloud Rat are known for. With a really heavy guitar tone, and a mixture of slow crushing riffs and all out speed assault, the guitar work here is really something to behold, especially on the brilliant “Skin Flowers”, and the sludgy brilliance of “Childcraft”, a track with one of the best drumming displays in the Cloud Rat discography so far, there’s a real punky energy and attitude to the drumming which really makes it stand out, going from brutal blasts to really great fills, Adrian is at his best here. “Fingerprint V2”, from the Monomaniac Volume One Compilation separates the two split releases with an awesome barrage of riffs, before the tracks from the split with Republic of Dreams kick in with the releases’ more experimental approach, beginning with “Burning Doe” with some of the slower shoegaze/post-punk moments found on their previous albums, it’s another fantastic track. “Parachute” and “A Stench of Sage” provide furious grind assaults, before a dreary spoken word track aptly titled “Gloomy Sunday” gives way to a more melodic track “Keba” with another drumming masterclass, and an absolutely crushing riff at the end. It’s a case of saving the best track of the release until last though, with the brilliant “Astronomy”, with an almost Black Metal like intro, giving way to a dirty, filthy crushing behemoth (although just under three minutes, in grindcore that’s an epic) of a track, with sludgy, monstrous and powerful riffs, and possibly Madison’s best ever vocal performance, absolutely screaming her heart out.

Overall this is a compilation that just needs to be heard, it’s another sublime effort. The album is currently at name your price on Cloud Rat’s new bandcamp page, and so is the debut S/T album (also reviewed on Swirls of Noise), their second album Moksha, and the previous compilation Fever Dreams. Any and all Grindcore fans should go and get all of them now!


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