Alahuta – A Hack in the Woods

Alahuta is the folk/drone project of French singer Aurélie Vivier, and “A Hack in the Woods is the upcoming debut cassette from the artist.

The primary way of describing this EP is hypnotic. With dark organ drones and beautifully plucked acoustic guitar, Aurélie weaves a hypnotic, and somewhat melancholic soundscape, with a real melodic sense, especially on the beautiful “Little Girl”. Her voice is also imbued with a sense of melancholy, and while not the prettiest, it’s ethereal and mesmerising, and really adds to the hypnotic atmosphere. The EP has a very pure and earthy sound, it’s one to listen to late at night. Close your eyes and let the hypnotic atmosphere transport you to a misty, dark forest.

A Hack in the Woods is released on Shelter Press and can be ordered here.

Listen to Past Lives:


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