Autopsy announce new album ‘Tourniquets, Hacksaws & Graves’

USA Death Metal legends Autopsy are back already with their follow up to their great 2013 release The Headless Ritual, and the new album Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves promises a swift return to the sewer of filthy sludgy death doom.

From the band’s Facebook page:

“TOURNIQUETS TIGHTEN….HACKSAWS RIP…..GRAVES ARE FILLED…..THIS IS AUTOPSY, THIS IS DEATH METAL…. With the stench of ‘The Headless Ritual’ still permeating the befouled air, Autopsy has once again come for your very metal soul with their newest blood soaked homage to all things dark, twisted and horrific….once again bone crushingly heavy nightmares await….”Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves” will awaken the most depraved part of the coldest zombie’s stare…..blood will flow, brains will be destroyed, coffin lids will be opened…”.

With Autopsy being my favourite death metal band, I obviously have high hopes for the new album, which will be released on Peaceville records on April 21st (April 29th in the USA



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