Devin Townsend pledge campaign for new album “Casualties of Cool”

For the release of his new album “Casualties of Cool” the Canadian mad musical genius Devin Townsend will be relying on crowd funding, as it will be independently released.

From Devin Townsend’s facebook page:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand…. we are live! The Casualties of Cool Pledge campaign has started! Lots of cool items up for sale and remember that once we’ve hit the target all other proceedings will go straight into the Z2 project which is due to start soon.

Be sure to check out the music player where you can listen to ‘Forgive Me’ which you can also download for free in the ‘update’ section. All Pledges include a free download of the album upon the May 14th release date and everyone who Pledges will receive regular updates from Devin and Ché plus exclusive downloads.

– Team Dev.

Bearing a vibe similar to Devin Townsend Project’s album Ki, the new track “Forgive Me” sounds great, a really laid back rock song, with lovely soft vocals from guest vocalist Che Aimee.

With various perks for pledging such as signed CD’s and vinyl, VIP passes and even the chance to get Devin to name your pet, you can pledge to the project, as well as stream the new track here.

Devin Townsend on Facebook


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