Cian – Gemlux Haze

Cian is the pseudonym of electronic musician Kevin Altamirano, and Gemlux is his new cassette, dabbling in experiments with an analog synthesizer, with an ambient, yet very vibrant feel. Hearkening back to the sounds of early electric artists such as Tangerine Dream, but with a modern and refreshing feel to it, it’s a really good offering from the man who also boasts an impressive academic career in the field of Mathematics.

Gemlux is a rather varied album, with the musician taking us through layered soundscapes of soft synth textures, swirling round beautifully with an atmospheric haze, such as on the opener “Date and Time”, to more vibrant uplifting sections with catchy, bright melodies, such as on “Symmetrize canons”, a track which builds up beautifully from soft electronic pulses to a powerful and catchy melody, it’s an uplifting track for sure, and definitely a highlight. “Gemlux Haze” begins with noisy swathes of static, fading away into beautiful synth drones, and though a much shorter track it has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. With some tracks displaying gloomy meanderings, such as the rather sparse tracks “Spora” and “Swia (wow and flutter), to the short experimental piece of fluttering noise “Flvx VII”, and the almost psychedelic organ-like melodies of “Zwei ps” the album has an ever changing mood, despite it’s consistently peaceful tone. It certainly bears an obvious nod to the electronic experimentalists of the early Krautrock scene, but Cian has really created a fresh and refreshing of intriguing experimental music, filled with a variety of moods and sounds, all with the use of a synthesiser.

Stream “Date and Time”

Gemlux Haze will be released on Umor Rex Records on the 25th February 2014.

Cassette available through Thrill Jockey (USA) or ANOST (Europe).


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