Mayhem release new song “Psywar”

Now incredibly in their thirtieth year of existence, legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem have released a new single entitled “Psywar” from their upcoming as yet untitled new album, due out later this year. With the core lineup retained from 2007’s Ordo Ad Chao, the band have added new guitarist Teloch, who has previously played with Gorgoroth and God Seed, to replace previous guitar player Blasphemer.

All the elements of previous Mayhem releases are here, with ferocious black metal blended with industrial influences, with versatile vocalist Attila Csihar putting in a great performance. The track absolutely rips, and I can’t wait for the new album, whenever it may be out.

View the lyric video for Psywar:

Pre-order the 7″ single from Seasons of mist:


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