Siavash Amini – Til Human Voices Wake Us

“Til Human Voices Wake Us” is the new album by Iranian ambient composer Siavash Amini, his first to be released on the Umor Rex record label, and also my first exposure to his work. Here he has delivered a beautiful, ethereal album full of lush textures and soundscapes, with a touch of melancholy throughout.

The album is based on the poems of T.S.Eliot, and though I haven’t read any of the poet’s works, it’s understandable through the music that there is a very dynamic and inspired theme in Amini’s mind, as he creates a real sense of emotion within his music, melancholic, and with a real sincerity rarely found within this kind of music. With beautiful, swirling layers of synth creating lush textures, and shimmering guitar melodies drifting in and out through the album, the music here weaves an ethereal, relaxing and melancholic atmosphere – these are beautiful, cathartic sounds to close your eyes and really get lost in. There’s a dreamy ebb and flow to the album, each new idea drifting in beautifully, and fading out to be replaced with another –  for such a relaxing album, it never becomes background noise and is really engaging and absorbing. With it’s lovely textures and incredibly heartfelt emotional resonance, “Til Human Voices Wake Us” is the best ambient release of 2014 that I’ve heard so far.

Til Human Voices awake us will be released on Umor Rex Records on the 25th February 2014.

Cassette available through Thrill Jockey (USA) or ANOST (Europe).

Listen to “The Violet Hour”


2 thoughts on “Siavash Amini – Til Human Voices Wake Us

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