Mount Salem – Endless

American four piece Mount Salem play Doom Metal with a psychedelic edge, and their debut EP “Endless”, originally self-released, is set to be reissued with two bonus tracks by Metal Blade Records next month, making it long enough where it could really count as a full length release, at over forty minutes.

The band have an excellent female singer in Emily Kopplin, and as such there are bound to be similarities drawn to their female fronted Pysch-Doom contemporaries such as Blood Ceremony, but Mount Salem play this style really well. Emily’s voice is tremendous, really powerful and with a real 60’s style swing to it. Her voice is high pitched, and she reaches some really high notes, she has a really great range. She also plays the organ, which adds a degree of psychedelia to the bands bluesy, Black Sabbath style riffs. It’s a mix that works really well, her beautiful vocals working alongside the heaviness of the guitars, and with the organ their sound its a little trippy. They have a good production, and have a real chemistry as a band, their sound is really tight.

“The Tower”, one of the two new songs is a particularly brilliant track, and at just under six minutes it has everything. Sludgy riffs, a catchy chorus, psychedelic organs over the top, and a fantastic bluesy solo in the middle. “Lucid” is a lot more heavy and sludgy and it has a good dark atmosphere. “Full Moon” has a soft intro, with a bluesy riff and Emily singing well, before kicking into the best riff of the album near the middle, fast and heavy. Mescaline I provides a short psychedelic interlude, with oscilliating organs and lead guitar sounding like something from a Western movie, Ennio Morricone would be proud. Mescaline II kicks the album back into pace with another brilliant sludgy number, and it’s the other new track on this reissue. Closing track “The End” is a really good one, with a really gloomy atmosphere, and a lot of variation throughout, alternating seamlessly between fast and slow, heavy and soft, with fantastic vocals and organs throughout.

The band don’t do all that much that is too new on this release, but the fact they create an atmosphere as good as this, play so tightly, and have such a great singer in the form of Emily means that they could go a long way in the future. The reissue will be out on Metal Blade records on 4th March 2014.

Listen to Lucid:


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