Entrails – Berzerk

Berzerk is the new single by Swedish Death Metallers Entrails. Starting out in the 90’s, playing with a similar sound to contemporaries Dismember and Grave, they recorded a few demos, but never actually released anything. Since reforming in 2008, they’ve released three albums of solid old school Swedish Death Metal.

The A-side “Berzerk” features the typical old school buzzsaw guitar tone, with great melodic riffs similar to modern Dismember albums. With a hard rock edge, the chorus has the vocalist shouting “Berzerk” several times, and it’s all a bit cheesy. When it breaks down into a serious sounding acoustic interlude it doesn’t really work very well with the aforementioned hard rock style, and just seems to have been thrown in there to fill up the time. Overall it’s an unremarkable track, which would’ve been much better without the silly chorus, which just doesn’t fit with the rest of the song.

The B side is “Dreaming”, a cover of a Heavy Load song, and this one is actually better than the A side. The somewhat softer, and more melodic edge really suits their style, and it rips along ferociously, demanding headbanging, its a great cover. The riffs are excellent, a mix of slower melodic ones, and ripping fast buzzsaw ones, and combined with excellent vocals, terrific D-beat drumming, and melodic solos, it’s a much better effort from the Swedes.

Berzerk is released on March 4th through Metal Blade Records.


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