Conan – Blood Eagle

2012 saw English Doom Metal band Conan release their debut album Monnos, an absolutely monstrous album of monolithically heavy “Caveman Battle Doom”, and they’re back this year with the follow up “Blood Eagle” which, unbelievably, manages to surpass the debut in every way.

With a staggeringly heavy guitar and bass tone the band plays slow, monstrous, bowel shaking riffs, with tremendously brutal drumming, while shouted vocals sour over the top like a powerful battle cry. Opening track “Crown of Talons” is an absolute epic, being nearly ten minutes in length, and doing everything in it’s power to bludgeon you completely senseless, never relenting for even a second. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible, cavernous and monstrous, transporting you to an ancient arid blood drenched battlefield. Continuing in the same way, “Total Conquest” has some absolutely incredible riffs, with bass rumbling along with a supreme intensity, and intelligent drumming beating your eats into a pulp, while forcing you to bang your head, the song picking up the pace towards the end with a pummelling riff assault.

Foehammer is the fastest track, opening with really great drums, sludgy riffs and powerful vocals. Slowing down at the end, the guitar tone is so heavy it almost reaches the drone style of bands like Sunn O))), it’s incredibly intense. “Gravity Chasm” is a perfect song title to sum up the album, everything about it showing just how heavy this album is, and the track completely rips, with epic rumbling bass, and a monstrous riff, reminiscent of an infinitely more sludgy “Children of the Grave” by the mighty Black Sabbath. Closing track “Altar of Grief” is another 9 minute epic, with a dirty mirky bass riff backed up by cavemanish drums, before letting loose with perhaps the album’s sludgiest guitar riff, it brings an image to mind of a fearsome beast emerging from a dark swamp.

This is really as heavy as it gets, and one album that any fan of Doom Metal NEEDS to pick up. It will certainly be on a lot of best of lists come December.

Stream the track Foehammer here:

The album is released by Napalm Records on 28 February 2014.


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