Lacuna Coil preview new song ‘Nothing Stands in Our Way’

Italian Gothic Metal band Lacuna Coil have released a new song ‘Nothing Stands in Our Way’ from their upcoming seventh  album Broken Crown Halo, released March 31 in Europe/Australia and April 1 In North America.

“Through everyday battles, against all odds, we stand united and don’t look back. We go on against crashing economy, heartbreaks, lifelong obstacles.We learn from our mistakes and nothing can stop us. We fear nothing and we are determined as musicians and as human beings”, say LACUNA COIL about “Nothing Stands In Our Way”, their first song unveiled from “Broken Crown Halo”

Listen to the track here:

It’s a promising track, with an excellently heavy open riff, and some fantastic growls from Andrea Ferro, the best his voice has sounded for a long time, with Cristina Scabbia sounding at her absolute best. It’s a great preview for the album, and if it’s all as consistent as this, then Broken Crown Halo will be excellent. Definitely one to look forward to.


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