Woods of Desolation – As the Stars

As the Stars is the third album by Australian Black Metal band Woods of Desolation, who in spite of their downbeat name and attitude, have delivered a brilliant album of some of the most uplifting post-black metal out there.

From the outset the album is filled with shimmering and melodic upbeat tremolo picked riffs, and the whole atmosphere is incredibly warm. These riffs are the highlight of the album, each one being hypnotically beautiful and enchanting, each one having a strong emotional resonance. Old’s raspy scream throughout the album is indecipherable, being rather low in the mix and buried under the fantastic riffs, but it’s an extremely passionate performance none the less, filled with energy and vibrancy. His voice reminds me a little of Eudaimony’s Matthias Jell at points. The drumming is exceptional too, with Vlad from Drudkh no less giving a session performance with the sticks, playing interesting fills while giving a really dynamic rhythm throughout. with The album is filled with slower mellower sections, consisting of acoustic guitar with a little delay, and these breaks add to the whole upbeat atmosphere. All these elements combine to form a really bright and vibrant whole.

It’s a very warm and atmospheric album, and one that fans of Drudkh and Alcest’s more metal moments will really enjoy, with the tracks “Unfold” and “Anamnesis” being particular highlights.

As the Stars is currently streaming in full at Bandcamp:



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