In Solitude – Sister

2013’s Sister was the third album by Swedish traditional metallers In Solitude, and they delivered a fantastic album, filled with occult and celtic influences, hearkening back to the days of classic epic metal bands, such as Mercyful Fate and Candlemass ,while creating an album which still feels invigorating and fresh, rather than a simply a nostalgic throwback to that era – all thanks to a post-punk influence present throughout each of the tracks.

Opener “He Comes” is short track, featuring acoustic guitars played in a Celtic fashion, with vocalist Pelle singing deep and mournfully in the background. It serves as an excellent intro, before really kicking into the album with the fantastic “Death Knows Where” – a true heavy metal behemoth. The guitar work is simply stunning, with catchy riffs throughout the album, and excellent solos, it’s consistently headbangable and simply epic. Pelle’s mournful voice throughout the album is passionate throughout, rich and dark, similar to the legendary Johan Längquist from the first Candlemass release, while his voice also has a certain post-punk edge to it. “Pallid Hands” is one of the faster tracks on the album, filled with galloping catchy riffs, and fast inventive solos, it’s the highlight of the album, and certainly one of the best tracks from last year. “Lavender” has an occult 60’s rock edge to it, with some psychedelic effects on the guitars giving it a dark yet vibrant atmosphere, with the vocals at their best and grittiest.

If you love old school metal bands such as Candlemass, Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath then this is definitely for you, and their unique spin on this style will intrigue and excite all listeners with their brand new take on an old style. It really does have an epic feel to it, and is one of the best Traditional Metal releases of recent years and highly recommended.

Be sure to catch them on their European tour this year with Behemoth and Cradle of Filth.

Listen to Pallid Hands:



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