Klaus Marten – Master Tape

If there’s one thing you can say about Drone and noise music, it’s that it sometimes seems to take itself overly seriously, never allowing itself to have a sense of humour.  This is why Klaus Marten’s new experimental release “Master Tape” is a breath of fresh air, an album which takes its cues from Drone, Noise, and Shoegaze, but with a certain degree of humour and  eccentricity throughout it which can’t help but raise a smile.

Beginning with a warm and noisy wall of drone, all drenched in some subtle My Bloody Valentine-esque effects, “Lift Off” launches straight into the album from the word go, with an intensity like an insanely fast aeronautical takeoff, before a sudden crash landing leaves a disoriented listener in a strange land, filled with odd alien noises, conjuring images of strange otherworldly creatures. A Hendrix-esque guitar solo on “Coriander”, fuzzed out to crazy levels of distortion raises a smile, it’s completely off-the-wall, wacky and brilliant. The distortions so crazily high, it’s practically noise in some parts, but played over a simple 60’s rock drumbeat, it’s great.

From here we’re taken back to walls of MBV-esque swirly noise, but completely spaced out through layers of fuzz on “Sometimes [reprise] pt.2”, before some jangly acoustic guitar almost brings it back to normality, were it not for the pulsing siren-like noises.  “Esprit D’escalier” is stranger, mechanical noises and pops creating an unsettling atmosphere, just before being suddenly submerged in a wall of sweet, poppy sound on “dreampop interlude”. “Lonely” comes in two parts, the first with a solemn wall of sound, while part 2 has some rather odd guitar riffs, with some sense of the craziness such loneliness builds. “Something Here” is somewhat dissonant, with some strange guitar chords, over a tribal drumbeat, its another odd one. The strange album is brought to an end with “One waits there for you”, which is another soft droney piece, with some alien noises intermingled into it, it’s soft soundscape being a nice way to end the album.

As mentioned, this album simply puts the fun back into experimental music, it’s quirky and strange in a way that’s sure to raise a smile. It’s full of variation, but still flows well, taking the listener on a strange, spacey, alien trip.

Stream the album, and download at a name your price at: https://klausmarten.bandcamp.com/album/master-tape


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