Leaves’ Eyes at the Garage, London – 19/01/2014

Symphonic Metallers Leaves’ Eyes finished their UK tour in support of their new 2013 album, “Symphonies of the Night” in London’s Garage venue.

Opening the proceedings was Leaves’ Eyes’ growling vocalist Alexander Krull’s other band Atrocity, and their brand of goth-tinged death metal went down really well. While their approach is fairly straight forward death metal with few frills, their set is filled with catchy songs, mostly from 2013 album Okkult. The sing along choruses give enthusiastic frontman Alexander a chance to really get the crowd going, getting them clapping and cheering throughout the set, with “haunted by demons” and “death by metal” being the highlights of a punchy heavy set.

Up next were British symphonic metallers Pythia, taking to the stage in somewhat medieval attire which matched their powerful set. Showcasing two new songs from their upcoming album, as well as some of their best songs in ‘Betray my Heart” and “Heartless”, from the fantastic 2012 album “The Serpent’s Curse” they play a really good set, with vocalist Emily Ovenden putting in a great performance, her operatic vocals delivered powerfully. Its really a great effort although there are some very minor sound issues which mar their energetic performance a little unfortunately, but they were really enjoyable nonetheless. Its really great to see a symphonic band as good as Pythia coming from the UK.

When Leaves’ Eyes take the stage the venue is packed, and they really steal the show, playing to an energetic crowd. Main vocalist Liv Kristine’s voice is absolutely fantastic, powerful and beautiful in equal measure, showing why she’s been an integral part of the scene ever since the early 90’s, back when she sung in her previous band Theatre of Tragedy. The band play songs from all their albums except Lovelorn, with a lot of them coming from their most recent album Symphonies of the Night. Crowd favourites in “Elegy” and “My Destiny” went down really well, the former with fantastic guitar work and beautiful vocals from Liv, while the latter has Alexander Krull really getting the crowd going, and the band are really tight throughout. New track “Hell to the Heavens’ proves to be a monster live, its catchy, really heavy, and gives a fantastic beauty and the beast duet between Liv and Alexander. Ending with the encore “Froya’s Theme” they bring a great set to an end with their rousing, powerful folk metal epic.

With three great bands, the crowd really were treated to a great evening of music, with a fantastic collection of Symphonies of the Night!


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