Johan G. Winther – Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail

Here’s another excellent release from last year, with Johan G. Winther giving us an intense amalgamation of drone and noise. Two tracks and thirty minutes in length, this guy gives a master-class in how to build a complete, intense wall of aural obliteration.

Feedback drenched layers of static white noise create an ever changing landscape of insane harsh fuzz, while he plays fantastically slow melancholic synth riffs which drone on, giving a sense of melody to the proceedings. It all builds into an incredible wall of sound, but its multi-layered and filled with genius levels of depth and variation.This isn’t just a standard track of harsh noise, it’s so much more, the melodic approach blends in with the fuzzy noise so well and this combination of elements is what makes it so incredible. He simply creates one of the most simply massive walls of sound I’ve ever heard.

Second track Will to Burn is absolutely drenched in feedback, with synth melodies fuzzed out to the point of complete harshness, static white noise adding to a wall of sound effec.. It’s stripped down compared to the first track, but the sound of the fuzz is heavy beyond belief, and this combined with the melancholic melodies create a dark and foreboding atmosphere.

This is an intense album, delivering two tracks which create a complete and monolithic wall of inhuman, evil sound – its like a huge chained rabid beast, spitting, snarling, thrashing around threatening to break out and tear you to pieces at any moment. It’s a complete assault on the senses, in the best of ways. It’s melancholic, it’s well crafted, it’s intense – it’s brilliant.

Stream the album and download it for just 3 euros here:

Purchase cassette at Belaten Mailorder:


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