Dirch Blewn – Fly Him See

Dirch Blewn’s abum “Fly Him See” is an hour long drone/noise release. It’s all very experimental, and sounds completely without form and structure, as indeed most noise does. We are treated from the beginning to constant pulsating electronic drones, as well as lots of noisey electronics, and indeed at points during the album it sounds like there’s electronically altered clarinet sounds, especially on “safe in the knowledge”. All these ideas are very interesting, flowing in and out of the album. The sounds on the album evolve and shift, and the interesting parts are very well thought out.

But although there are some interesting ideas on this release, there are also some which are rather rather uninteresting, and as such the album fails to hold attention for the whole hour; indeed it all gets old rather fast. There are a lot of repetitive clicks, scrapes and pops, which just sound like the crackle you’d get while playing a dusty warped record, and as with hearing them on said record, it’s frankly a bit irritating, and undoes all the good work of the drones. Overall the drone sections on this album are really good, and interesting, as are the electronic noise sections, but the clicky noises definitely let it down, it just irritates and gets on your nerves. The interesting parts don’t seem to be interesting enough to make the hour long duration of the album seem worth it, and as such it’s not a great release, certainly not one I would have on heavy repetition, if I played it more than a handful of times at all. Remove the irritating pops and scrapes, reduce the length a little, and work some more on the really great drone and less irritating noise parts for the next release, and Dirch Blewn could create something really good, but unfortunately he hasn’t here.

Stream the album on Bandcamp, and download it at a “name your price” http://dirchblewn.bandcamp.com/album/fly-him-see


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