Bruno Bavota – The Secret of the Sea

The Secret of the Sea is the third album by Italian composer Bruno Bavota. This album sees him playing predominantly on the piano, with acoustic guitars backing up the melodies, and also sees some slight experimentation with delay and reverb. The theme of the album is based around that of the sea, with all of the imagery on the package being related to this, from the album art to the name and track titles. And the sound matches this too, it’s very calming and really soft sounding, it does have that atmosphere of sitting on a quiet beach, while the sun is still low in the sky, watching the waves go in and out.

The opening track “Me and You” begins with a lovely soft electric guitar melody with delay and reverb, sounding rather beautiful, with calm piano coming in over the top of it. It’s a very nice piece, and one of the more varied on the album, the best track for sure. Second track “Les nuits blanches” is more stripped back, consisting of just lovely relaxing piano, and is one of the more beautiful tracks. The album continues in this way, with beautiful guitar and piano sections, all with a relaxing atmosphere. Constellations is another highlight of the album, with some of the most expressive piano work, interplaying excellently with the acoustic guitars, it really is beautiful and relaxing. The boy and the whale is another highlight, speeding up in the middle its one of the more exciting pieces, while closer, “The secrets of the sea” is another expressive piano piece, it has the atmosphere of rocking on a boat in the ocean. There are however two tracks which are a little weaker, “If only my Heart were wide like the Sea”, which ends abruptly just after it gets interesting, and “Plasson” which has the opposite problem of feeling overly long.

Overall this is a really good effort,the album as a whole flows very well, giving us different lovely relaxing classical pieces and is a good album to unwind to. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to listen to some soft relaxing classical music.

It’s released on Psychonavigation records on April 21st as a CD limited to 300 copies, and can be pre-ordered here:

Listen to a preview on Bruno Bavota’s soundcloud here:


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