Aeronaut – Your space transmissions listening kit

Aeronaut – Your space transmissions listening kit

Another one of my favourite drone albums released last year, from Steve Fors aka ‘Aeronaut’. He takes us on a spacey journey through four fifteen minute long beautifully crafted pieces. In the first part “Preflight/Launch”, we hear distorted radio transmissions, while fuzzy guitar drones pulsate along, enveloping the listener in a warm fuzzy atmosphere while synths play lush textural melodies behind it. “My first space walk” introduces pulses to go with the soft drones which drift in and out beautifully, really adding to the atmosphere of a futuristic journey beyond our planet. Bursts of static join the mix on “Crossing the Oort Cloud”, making one think of the background radiation of the universe, and start to create a sense of isolation which being alone outside of the world alone would give you. The final piece, “Into the Magellan Stream” is more relaxed and dreamy sounding, synth drones providing most of the ambience. An atmosphere to get lost within.

All the spacey imagery surrounding the release is definitely vindicated by the music within, it invokes an atmosphere of being alone on an isolated space mission, looking at the universe unfold through the window of a spaceship, and wondering at all the beauty before your eyes. A beautiful drone/ambient release, highly recommended. If Stars of the lid made a spacey album it might sound a little like this.

Out on CD at Fabrica records:

Or listen to the album on soundcloud:


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