The Rhapsodistic

The Rhapsodistic

Only been running this blog for a day or so and I’ve already been asked to write a track review by the duo “The Rhapsodistic”, which is really cool, and so is the track, entitled Past life.

A very downtempo track, a melancholic acoustic guitar is played alongside a nicely produced electronic drumbeat, with a  unique vocal approach, mixing in a rather soft vocal approach typical of some US rock music, alongside rapped vocals. With the introduction of a piano into the mix at the end of the song, the band seem to be onto something different here. It’s a unique approach, mixing acoustic guitars and piano with an electronic drumbeat, and rapped vocals. I enjoyed the instrumental side of the track, its well produced, and gives off a nice dark atmosphere. I think both the clean and the rapped vocals could do with a bit of work, they sound ever so slightly amateurish but with some minor improvements, this will certainly be an artist to follow in the future.

Have a listen to the track on bandcamp:

Like the band on facebook:


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