Human Cull – The Persecuting Society

Human Cull – The Persecuting Society

Got a spare six minutes?

After releasing a split EP last year with fellow UK grinders Oblivionized (another great band), 2014 sees Human Cull release their most recent EP of old school grindcore. Clocking in at just 6 minutes, the release features 6 tracks.

According to the band, “The title of the EP is a reference to the R.I Moore book on the subject of the persecution and control of minorities in the medieval period by the Latin Church called ‘The Formation of a Persecuting Society” and most of the lyrics, delivered a particular vehemence, largely focus on anti-religious sentiments.

The tone of the album is pissed off grindcore, with crushing riffs, barked vocals and blast beating fury all comprising a package of classic grinding cacophony. Pre-emptive bombardment showcases some awesomely fast riffs, while “Will to submission” is more slowed down and sludgy, and heavy as a tank rolling over your head. This release hardly reinvents the wheel, its pretty basic grind, but its decent enough and with the very short release length it definitely leaves you wanting more. Fans of the old school grindcore sound should check out this EP, you have a spare six minutes, surely? And you can do so for free at their bandcamp page, where the album is up for a “name your price” download.

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