Gridlink – Ketsui

After the demise of Discordance Axis, vocalist Jon Chang started a new project, Gridlink, unfortunately also about to split up, but not before releasing their swangsong album “Longhena” on February 14th, via Handshake Inc.

Even before the release of the new track, this was destined to be one of my most anticipated releases of 2014. Gridlink’s two albums, each of just 11 minutes in length, have thus far continued the style of Discordance Axis’s lightning speed technical grindcore in some style, being two of the best grindcore releases in recent years.

With a complex brand of violence, this track continues in the same vein, showcasing the trademark frenetic guitar work, blistering blast beats, and Jon Chang’s hellish shrieks, they show again why they’re one of the best bands playing technical grindcore. February 19th can’t come quickly enough!

Listen to Ketsui here:

Pre-orders will be up on from February 1st.


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