The End of the World Championship

The End of the World Championship – For Dear Life

My first blog post on here will be about one of my favourite Drone artists I just need to share.

Björn Granzow, AKA “The End of the World Championship” has been busy. In two months he has released two albums of incredible drone, In Slow Motion being released October 15th 2013, and For Dear Life on December 9th.

The debut album featured two twenty minute pieces of monolithic synth-drone. And I mean MONOLITHIC. This is as heavy as it gets. A complete pummeling of your ears and grey matter, this guy just manages to make the most soul shatteringly intense drone. Minimalistic to the extreme, these synth drones reverberate around your skull for the full duration and don’t subside, oscillating tones holding the most of the attention.

Their second release, despite also containing two 20 minute pieces,  is rather different. While still retaining the heavy synth-drones of the first album, this one seems to focus more on soundscapes and subtle changes all the way along. It’s overall a much more interesting listen than the debut, there’s a lot more to it than the ear-pummeling debut of “In slow Motion”. If anything, if “In Slow Motion” was the vehicle carrying out the apocalypse, crushing life on Earth, “For Dear Life” is the mournful surveying of the destruction left in its wake.

In short, for people who like their drone heavy and punishing, look no further than The End of the World Championship.

Both albums have been released on Cassette Tape in limited numbers, and are also available for streaming on Bandcamp, as well as digital download.

“In Slow Motion” on Umor Rex Records, limited to 100 copies:

“For Dear life” on Jehu & Chinaman, limited to 30 copies:


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